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Press Releases

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Con Edison Transmission’s Offshore Wind Design Recognized for its Vision

Con Edison Transmission Inc. (CET) was selected as a finalist for the Business Network for Offshore Wind’s 2022 Ventus Award in Offshore Wind Leadership for its innovative, cost-effective, and forward-looking grid designs.

The Ventus Awards are the Network’s highest level of professional recognition, celebrating the trailblazing people, companies, organizations, and work worldwide to advance the global adoption of offshore wind energy.

CET is honored to be recognized as an industry leader in developing and advocating for innovative and cost-effective network designs that integrate offshore wind generation, mitigate environmental impacts and provide innovative and scalable solutions to accommodate the growth of the offshore wind industry.

Advocating for planned independent offshore grid development that brings clean energy to the existing transmission system and prioritizes customers’ needs around cost, reliability and resiliency.

Using strategically located interconnection points, in coordination with local utilities and their system upgrades, dedicated and robust power corridors and offshore mesh networks will allow various offshore wind projects to plug in as they become ready to generate clean energy. A flexible and modular offshore network will improve reliability and resiliency for customers and allow intra and inter-regional power transfers to occur seamlessly to support the power grid where and when needed.

CET’s plans include investing more than $1 billion over the next five to 10 years to develop an offshore grid that brings clean, renewable energy from where it is produced to where it is needed to serve customers.


Read about Con Edison Transmission’s views on the need for additional transmission to deliver the low-cost, clean energy Americans want. Published at T&D World Magazine

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